Digital Signage Design

The strategy defines why, where, and what, and the design phase is all about the most important how. How do we create relevance and attention and something for people to act on? We add form, feelings, emotions, and something for the audience to react to. We create a body for the strategic direction and give the strategic insights meaning.

We start the design process when we understand all the angles of the challenge we are about to solve. The success rate of every digital signage concept comes down to creating relevance and observation value. It is about how we attract the eye of our object. How do we help people to see what we want them to see? Without a high observation value, we will never succeed with our KPIs and have an impact on our customers. At Visual Art, we are experts at designing communication that catches people’s attention and how we keep the attention and turn it into actions. We know that your customers are habit-driven creatures, and over 70% are repeat customers.

The creative process works best together, not in a linear way. In most cases, it is an iterative process where we test and learn together with you and run through a few sprints before finding the winning idea, concept and packaging. We combine strategic and creative expertise with technical innovation, and through our simple and intuitive digital signage software, Signage Player, we execute.

LED for customer experience in store

Design deliveries 

From our design deliveries, you can expect a purpose-driven concept, which is summarised in what we call Digital signage guidelines. It’s helpful instruction on how your digital signage channel works, packaged together with tools and tips & tricks for you to be successful.
It completes your other guidelines and clarifies the role of digital signage.

The design work can consist of the following or more depending on scope:

Corner LED at J Lindeberg
Digital Signage in retail environment
Digital Menu Boards at McDonald's
Digital Art at KnowIt's HQ
Digital Menu Boards at Joe & the Juice

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