Signage Player

Our Award-Winning Digital Signage Software

Signage Player is a cutting-edge Digital Signage Software, a SaaS-solution designed to transform the way businesses communicate visually. It boasts a modern architecture that includes a Headless CMS, making content management seamless.

The software is cloud-native, ensuring flexibility and scalability. Built for speed, it offers an API-first architecture, ensuring smooth integration with various systems.

Signage Player is hardware agnostic, meaning it works on all screens (all built-in SOC players and external hardware) and platforms, such as Tizen, WebOS, Android, Raspberry Pi, Linux, Chrome, Windows, and iOS.

Simple and user-friendly interface

With Signage Player, it’s not just about displaying content; it’s about creating experiences that resonate. Whether planning a dynamic advertising campaign or an informative display, our software is designed to make your content creation journey smooth and straightforward.

Security and full-scale monitoring

Signage Player is engineered with top-tier security measures, ensuring your digital fleet remains protected against unauthorized access and cyber threats.

With Signage Player, you’re not just creating and broadcasting content; you’re commanding a secure network. Real-time monitoring and full control over every screen in your fleet. From remote updates to instant adjustments.


Signage Player has a well-documented API for seamless integration with your systems. This empowers customization, automation, and interoperability to enhance your signage experience and unlock new efficiencies.

With seamless content management, unparalleled integration, machine learning capabilities (AI), and full-scale monitoring, cloud-native.

Signage Player empowers you to curate and deliver impactful visual experiences.

Content functions

Signage Player brings your digital displays to life with smart, dynamic content management. It’s simple to use and lets you effortlessly create, schedule, and broadcast content across any number of screens.

Our software’s intuitive content functions allow for real-time adaptation, ensuring your message resonates with the right audience at the right moment.

Supports all hardware

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