Design Studio

We have extensive experience creating digital assets and content, both for digital signage and other channels. Visual Art started over 20 years ago as a 100% focused production agency and has never lost that as one of our ground pillars.

After all, it all comes down to the execution. The work done before can only be as good as the production and the implementation to meet the expectations. In the production phase, we excel and ensure that our efforts together will bring fruit and look stunning.

Our different skills

Visual Art Film Studio

Our Film Studio

Visual Art’s Film Studio provides end-to-end production services, leveraging our +15 years of in-house expertise and a vast network to bring your vision to life. 


At the beginning of your journey, we’ve got all the bases covered – from the drawing board to the polished treatment! Our pre-production team includes producers, strategists, art directors, directors, and photographers – everything you need for your project. 

We handle it all, from in-depth target group analysis and strategic planning to the creative process of designing concepts and ideas, storyboarding, casting, and scouting the perfect locations.  


Location? Studio? Or a bit of both? We’ve got it all under control! Our team will help you plan the logistics, assemble the necessary crew, and, of course, handle the filming.  

Lights, camera, action – we’re ready! 


Once the cameras have stopped rolling, we’re here to work our magic! With our extensive competence and a vast network at your disposal, we offer top-notch editing, mind-blowing special effects, captivating motion graphics and animation, expert color grading, and impeccable sound design. 

Studio facilities and resources

Fully equipped

4 meters to the roof, flexible and movable walls, trusses, a wide range of backdrops, and the video equipment needed, such as RED Helium, lenses, and video lights.  

Expertise & competence

At our studio, you’ll find a talented and creative team ready to turn your ideas into reality. Our lineup includes producers, directors, art directors, photographers, editors, motion designers, and 3D design experts. 

Professional kitchen

Our studio is fully equipped with a newly built studio kitchen with ventilation fitted for even the most complex cooking sessions! We have both props and equipment in-house and a movable kitchen island with a changeable worktop.  

Do you want to create world-class content for your channels? We can help you!

Get in touch with Emily Lindqvist, our Head of Design Studio, to find out more.