Digital Signage Strategy

We know that digital signage works. The question is, how it will work for you and your customers? With a digital signage strategy, we define the role of digital signage. We search for insights on how you can create value for your business, set expectations for what efforts you can put into it, and look at what challenges it’s supposed to solve.

The work with a strategy goes through three different phases: Understand, Discover, and Define. 

It’s the step before our Design process.


We gain an understanding of what you expect from digital signage. We look at how you work today, find out how your business is set up, different stakeholder expectations, and the soft and hard goals connected to the strategy.


We dive deeper into how everything works by doing a customer perspective analysis, and on-site customer journey, and search and create insights on how we can improve the customer experience.


We analyse the data collected and define insights, which we will use as the foundation for the strategic direction. We look at people’s needs and behaviours and find out how we can use digital signage to improve the situation.

Digital Signage for brand building in retail environment

Knowledge of Space

Secure visibility

The placement of the screens is crucial to drive high signage visibility.
The visibility is affected by:

Knowledge of Channel

Attention and Relevance

The customer or visitor is habit-driven in the store or mall, and with the correct package and messaging, we can cut through the customer’s autopilot. If you do not break through, you will not succeed.

Create a reason to act

To optimise the reason for the customer to act, we ensure that relevant communication matches the mood and needs of the visitor. High conversion and customer value from digital signage are created through clear communication, emotional packaging, and something different from what they expect.

NIO House in Oslo
Digital Signage in Automotive
Digital Signage in Automotive

Strategic Goals

These examples of questions guide us along the way in the strategic work:

Strategic deliveries

In most cases, we end up with five different deliveries from this strategic work. The package is for you to use as a northern star:

LED for customer experience in store

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