Visual Art Rewrote Digital Signage Software from Scratch

June 5, 2024

Visual Arts' Digital Signage Software Signage Player has recently been redeveloped from the ground up, a move that has already garnered significant industry attention. This attention peaked when it received the prestigious invidis Strategy Award 2024 in the Software & Platforms category.

To delve deeper into this success, we sat down for lunch with key project leaders Mattias Westlund and Simon Ciesluk and new hire Christian Nylund to discuss their vision and the work behind the new platform.

Why build completely new software?

“Rebuilding our software from scratch was a bold step, especially since our existing proprietary system was performing well and still appreciated by many customers,” Mattias explains. He saw substantial benefits in shifting to a fully cloud-native platform, sparking the project’s initiation. “It took years of development before I felt we had solid footing to justify the internal effort required. Looking back, it was the right decision,” he adds.

Christian, who has an extensive background in managing complex IT projects, particularly in the banking sector, shares his perspective: “Starting from zero is daunting but often necessary. Systems tend to be slower to work with over time, and with a significant tech shift underway, it was the perfect time for Visual Art and Signage Player to make this transition. For me, it meant a chance to work with the latest technology, which was a key factor in my decision to join the company.”

Maintaining User Familiarity Amidst Major Changes

Simon addresses the user experience: “We aimed to minimize disruption for daily system users, keeping the front-end as familiar as possible. We managed to achieve this without significant adaptations.”

Enhanced Speed and Flexibility

The new Signage Player has introduced profound changes at every level, primarily in how updates, testing, and new features are implemented. “The cloud-native structure allows us to deploy new features swiftly and seamlessly. We can introduce small code updates without impacting other parts of the system or our customers, enabling us to roll out new code within a couple of days,” Mattias points out.

Simon highlights the performance improvements: “The entire system runs more efficiently. For example, updating several thousand screens across different countries is now simpler, more secure, and significantly faster.”

Future-Proof Technology

Looking forward, the new Signage Player promises extensive adaptability, particularly with emerging technologies like AI-driven content. “Our platform can now seamlessly integrate as an API with customers’ internal systems, acting as a direct conduit to their screens,” Mattias notes, emphasizing the potential for future integration with creative content and retail media solutions.

Internal and External Benefits

Christian reflects on the broader implications: “Joining Visual Art was driven by their embrace of cutting-edge technology and their forward-thinking approach. This initiative is crucial for attracting new talent and customers.”

As Visual Arts continue to transition its existing customer base to the new platform, the unexpected win of the invidis Strategy Award has been a welcome affirmation. “The immediate recognition post-launch underscores the strategic foresight of our development and confirms that we now have the most advanced and effective software on the market,” concludes Mattias.

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