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Visual Art’s SaaS Solution Driving the Future of Digital Signage

March 19, 2024

Visual Art is launching a brand-new version of the proprietary digital signage software Signage Player - the heart and power behind all types of Digital Signage. This launch not only paves the way for unprecedented integration possibilities and interactions across all digital displays but also marks the starting point for many to step into the future of retail media.

Pioneering the industry with its innovative digital signage software for digital displays, Visual Art has traditionally enabled flawless content management on all types of screens, eliminating the need for external media players. Now they have built on Signage Player to create something even bigger, better, faster, and more efficient. The solution is also completely scalable, which means that all customers, large and small, can get exactly the functionality they can and should demand from modern digital signage software.

– Signage Player has been rebuilt from the ground up, bringing together all the necessary functions in a single platform. We have also ensured almost unlimited possibilities for system integration, increasing flexibility like never before. This version of Signage Player will occupy a unique position in our product portfolio” says Andrew Jarder, Product Owner at Visual Art.

While retaining the user interface that customers know and prefer, to facilitate a smooth transition, there have been major and significant technical upgrades ‘under the hood’. However, the improvements are not all invisible; some features promise to immediately enhance the customer experience.

– The system is built so that virtually any other data source can be connected. This means enormous opportunities to, for example, bring sales or customer data directly into the system and then automate the content based on what individual customers need and want. Above all, it is a giant step in using digital signage even more effectively in Retail Media than what is done today, continues Andrew Jarder.

By being “cloud-native”, the new Signage Player promises optimal functionality and accessibility. It is also a promise of scalability, ready to grow and evolve with the addition of future features.

– Signage Player is a SaaS solution from our side. Being fully cloud-based, we can operate and upgrade individual parts of the software without impacting customers other than those using the specific service or feature, continues Andrew Jarder.

The integration and scalability of the system significantly improve the ability to schedule content, resulting in smarter and more relevant messaging for end customers and simplifying content management for those using the system.

– Retail Media is growing by leaps and bounds, and digital signage are and will be a key component of a broad, sensible investment in this area. With Signage Player, we are ready to support our customers in every step of that journey, concludes Andrew Jarder.

If you want more information about Visual Art Signage Player, you can find it here