Digital Menu Boards at McDonald's

Enhance Guest Experience with Dynamic Digital Menu Boards

July 25, 2023

At Visual Art, we have the privilege of working with clients like McDonald’s, Joe & the Juice, Subway, Circle K, and 7-Eleven, elevating their guest experiences with cutting-edge digital menu boards. With digital menu boards, you can take your restaurant’s guest experience to new heights.

Dayparts: Tailor Your Offers!

By leveraging the magic of dayparting, you ensure your menu showcases the best offers at the right time. Breakfast specials in the morning, lunch combos during midday, and dinner delights in the evening. Maximize your sales potential by captivating your customers with precisely targeted promotions throughout the day.

Dynamic Pricing: Optimize Margins, and Maximize Profits!

Say goodbye to static pricing! With dynamic pricing on digital menu boards, you can adjust your prices in real time based on various factors such as demand, supply, or time of day. Stay competitive, optimize margins, and increase profitability while satisfying your customers.

Engaging Displays: Guide and Inspire!

Digital menu boards allow you to present your food in mouthwatering detail, tantalizing taste buds and helping guests make informed choices. Display enticing images, videos, and descriptions, showcase seasonal specials, and promote limited-time offers. Capture attention, create desire, and turn casual guests into loyal fans.

Elevate your restaurant’s guest experience with the power of digital menu boards. Seamlessly integrate dayparting, dynamic pricing, and visually stunning displays to entice, inform, and excite your guests.

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Digital Menu Boards
Digital Menu Boards at Joe & the Juice