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Espresso House Brews Success with Visual Art: A Strategic Partnership for Digital Signage

December 7, 2023

Espresso House, one of the largest café chains with over 500 coffee shops in the Nordic countries and Germany, has chosen Visual Art as a strategic partner and supplier for their implementation of digital signage in their coffee shops. The digital displays will serve as an effective marketing channel to drive sales and increase guest engagement.

Espresso House is investing in making its coffee shops more digital and modern by introducing digital displays. The content will enhance the guest experience by clarifying menus and offers.

– “Visual Art has assisted us in developing a channel strategy that optimizes sales by presenting the right products in the right locations at reasonable times of the day. We aim to uphold our commitment to delivering high-quality coffee products while enhancing the overall guest experience,” says Espresso House Chief Information Officer Gustav Almqvist.

By adding moving visuals to the digital menu boards, Espresso House aims to inspire customers to explore special offers and build its brand. This strategy will create a modern and digital atmosphere that appeals to their target audience and provides a positive experience.

– “Through our partnership with Visual Art, we are confident that the implementation of our ‘dayparts’ strategy on digital displays will enable real-time communication and engagement with our customers. This shift away from analog materials not only modernizes our approach but also allows our baristas to redirect their focus towards providing a more personalized meeting with our guests,” continues Gustav Almqvist, Chief Information Officer at Espresso House.

– “Our proprietary Digital Signage Platform, Signage Player, coupled with Espresso House’s commitment, will allow them to emphasize campaigns more effectively. The ‘dayparts’ functionality on digital menu boards not only streamlines communication but also liberates time and resources for Espresso House’s baristas, fostering a more concentrated effort on customer satisfaction,” says Andreas Ström, Chief Revenue Officer at Visual Art.

Through this collaboration, Espresso House will create a modern and engaging atmosphere in their coffee shops while boosting operational efficiency.

Visual Art, responsible for both hardware and software installation, provides the cloud-based Digital Signage platform, designed with a modern architecture prioritizing user-friendliness and seamless content management. The platform’s API-first architecture ensures smooth integration with various systems, offering flexibility and scalability to meet Espresso House’s evolving needs.

About Espresso House

Espresso House offers a personal experience, from a friendly welcome in a cozy atmosphere to the craftsmanship of the baristas and their Specialty Coffee. Espresso House was founded in 1996 in Lund and has since grown to become a leader in the Nordic region with nearly 500 coffee shops, 6000 baristas, and around 130,000 daily guests. Since autumn 2018, Espresso House is also available in Germany. Espresso House is part of JAB Holding Company.

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Monika Lindquist

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