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How to choose the best pixel pitch

April 13, 2023

What is pixel pitch and what should you use for different viewing distances? When it comes to choosing the right LED display for your business, understanding pixel pitch is essential.

Pixel pitch is the distance between adjacent LED lights and is measured in millimeters. In simple terms, the finer the pitch, the closer viewers can be without seeing the individual LED lights.

A common guideline is that a comfortable viewing distance equates to 2 meters for every millimeter of pitch. So a 1,5-millimeter pixel pitch display looks good as close as 2 meters away, whereas a 2.5-millimeter LED display is best seen from 5 meters or further back.

When viewers are closer than the optimal minimum viewing distance, our eyes start to see the individual LED lights, and the viewing experience is degraded. Let’s break it down:

Choosing the right pixel pitch for your LED display is crucial in creating a seamless viewing experience for your audience. Be sure to consider viewing distance when making your decision.

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