Interview with Anne-Mette, Country Manager for Visual Art Norway

July 3, 2024

As digital signage continues to evolve and play a critical role in modern marketing strategies, Norway stands out as a vibrant market with unique opportunities and demands. From the growing popularity of LED screens to strategic content consulting, Anne-Mette offers an overview of what’s driving the industry forward in this region.

What’s the latest in Norway regarding our business?

Anne-Mette: We’re seeing a high demand for Digital Signage in Norway, especially in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), fashion retail, and convenience sectors.

There’s a growing awareness around Retail Media and the use of larger formats like LED screens. Customers seek strategic consulting and content production to ensure maximum impact and engagement from their Digital Signage networks. Producing a high ROI and a strong business case is crucial for retailers before investing.

What are the top trends within Digital Signage in Norway?

Anne-Mette: The top trends we’re observing in Norway are:

  1. Retail Media: Leveraging digital signage for advertising and promotions within retail environments.
  2. LED screens: A significant shift towards bigger and more vibrant LED displays.
  3. Strategic consulting: An increasing demand for expert advice to optimize Digital Signage strategies.
  4. Flexible and reliable digital signage software: A growing interest in robust software solutions that offer flexibility and reliability for managing digital content.

What’s the latest around Visual Art in Norway?

Anne-Mette: Exciting times for us at Visual Art Norway! We’ve recently moved our office to a central location in Oslo to be closer to our customers. We’ve also welcomed Mikael Wigart as our new Business Manager to help grow our business further. We’re looking to hire even more talented individuals soon to support our continuous growth in Norway.

Are there any new clients?

Anne-Mette: Yes! We’re thrilled to have Megaflis as a new customer. They’re using our LCD and LED screens in their stores and our digital signage software Signage Player to communicate in-store campaigns, brand awareness, and relevant customer information.

Biltema is another relatively new client, using our Signage Player software to optimize their digital menu board and campaign communication in their restaurant areas.

Are there any specific old or new clients, cases, or other highlights you want to mention?

Anne-Mette: We’re currently working on a strategic content project with Jordbærpikene. This project aims to increase sales and enhance the guest experience, which is a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase the impact of well-planned digital content.

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