Navigating Tech & Support for Visual Art in the Nordic Region

January 4, 2024

In this interview, Emelie Granbom, Tech & Support Operations Manager Nordic at Visual Art, sheds light on her team's pivotal role in delivering an exceptional customer experience. From employing a blend of reactive and proactive support strategies to championing an effortless customer experience.

Hi Emelie, can you tell us more about your role and how you and your team support customers?

As Tech & Support Operations Manager, my main responsibility is to ensure that our customers get the support they need when using our services and products. We work with different communication channels such as email, phone, and self-service on our website to be available and responsive to customer needs.

Can you explain the differences between reactive and proactive support and how you implement them in your support process?

Reactive support means that we handle cases where the customer actively contacts us with perceived problems. This can range from technical difficulties to questions about the use of our products.

On the other hand, proactive support means that we work to solve the customer’s problem before they even need to contact us.

We do this by reviewing customers’ screens so that we can act quickly to resolve the problem. Through this proactive approach, we endeavor to anticipate and solve problems before they affect the customer.

You aim to create an effortless experience for the customer. What does that mean?

Of course, “the effortless experience” is a central part of our focus on customer support. We strive to minimise effort on the part of the customer when using our services or when they need support.

We continuously monitor customer feedback and past customer interactions to identify areas where we can further simplify the customer experience and make it easy for them to interact with our services.

Can you give examples of how customers can benefit from self-service?

Self-service is an important part of our support strategy. We offer customers tools and resources on our that enable them to solve many of the problems they may encounter themselves.

For example, customers can get step-by-step instructions or use the FAQ section to find answers to common questions. This gives our customers flexibility and speed in handling their cases.

How do you see the future of customer support?

In general, I believe that customer support will continue to evolve with technology. Automation and artificial intelligence are becoming increasingly relevant to improve support processes and increase efficiency.

At the same time, there will always be a need for human interaction and expertise, especially when solving more complex problems and providing personalised service.

We strive to stay at the forefront of these trends to ensure our customers receive an exceptional support experience.

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