Thoughts from Circle K’s Annual Conference

July 8, 2024

Visual Art got the opportunity to attend Circle K's annual conference in Berlin which was an exciting and productive experience. With 650 leaders from across Circle K's global organization, the event aimed to elevate Visual Art's profile and showcase scalable products and concepts.

The day began with business updates, strategic presentations, and awards for top-performing countries. Although we couldn’t attend the award ceremony, it was a great start to the event.

In the afternoon, attendees split into two groups. One group visited the Vendor Expo Hall, where we proudly exhibited as the sole digital signage provider among 36 global vendors.

Additionally, we participated in the Circle K Experience Store, showcasing the best store and forecourt elements. Here, we presented our digital coffee screens, campaign screens above kiosk shelves, and digital menu boards, highlighting our role as Circle K’s chosen partner for digital signage content and digital signage software.

Signage Player was a key highlight, offering numerous benefits such as simplified content updates, live screen monitoring, and significant cost savings. Our cloud-native Digital Signage Software empowers users with complete control over content and scheduling, making digital signage management more efficient and user-friendly.

Our participation was well-received, and we forged many new connections.

– “We are incredibly proud to be part of Circle K’s global growth and customer experience, as well as their commitment to operational efficiency”, says Sofie Norrmén Uppfeldt, Business Director at Visual Art

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