Thoughts from the Digital Signage Summit Europe

June 7, 2024

On May 22-23, Digital Signage Summit Europe took place in Munich, gathering many key players from our industry. It was an exciting event with plenty of activity. We spoke with Andrew Jarder to get his thoughts. As the Product Owner for our digital signage software Signage Player, this was his first time attending. He participated in panel discussions and sought inspiration from industry peers.

If we start with your panel discussion, how did it go?

The panel I was on was about the fact that there are a lot of platforms, systems and solutions in the industry. When you add layers of terms and abbreviations, it quickly becomes a complex puzzle to understand how everything connects. As always with panel discussions, it’s a bit challenging to predict and control the direction. In this one, we got a bit sidetracked by the issue some players face with software and hardware compatibility. While an interesting topic, it’s not something we experience as a problem since our player software works seamlessly across all operating systems.

Overall, it was great to see software gaining so much focus in the discussion. It was also extremely gratifying to win an award for Signage Player after impartial analyses of the largest CMS on the market. I had the chance to talk a lot about our new cloud-native Signage Player and the numerous benefits it offers. I can confidently say that we are at the forefront with a significant technical lead. The new Signage Player has all the prerequisites to succeed in the market, and it’s clear that customers are beginning to realize the absolute advantages we offer. It felt great to have this confirmed on site.

What will you take home with you in terms of insights about the industry as a whole?

This was my first time at DSS, and my main takeaway is the sheer size of our industry. The world around digital signage is expanding rapidly with more stakeholders involved. Overall, I had very rewarding and interesting discussions with many industry colleagues.

The industry’s growth is evident in the emergence of many niche players focusing on specific parts of the value chain. I think we’ll see even more development in this direction, particularly regarding the integration between different software and hardware management.

How does Visual Art stand in this development?

I might be biased, but the fact is, we are well ahead and well-prepared. As I mentioned, the new version of Signage Player is perhaps the most advanced on the market. It’s becoming increasingly important to quickly integrate various APIs to link different systems for different purposes. In this area, our solution not only simplifies the process but also enhances efficiency beyond what our competitors offer.

If there’s one standout takeaway from DSS for me, it’s a deep sense of pride in our ability to fulfill our customer promises. We are far ahead in terms of technical implementation and knowledge. Coupled with our strategic know-how, the future looks very bright for Visual Art from my perspective.