Visual Art Reinforces In-Store Retail Media Focus Hiring Former CEO

January 11, 2024

Visual Art, a leading digital signage company in Europe, announces a strategic shift to enhance its position in digital advertising. This move is marked by intensifying its focus on Retail Media and appointing former CEO Andreas Lind to lead this venture. The company is set to innovate retailers' spaces into dynamic advertising platforms.

Visual Art has always been a pioneer and initiated the shift from traditional out-of-home to digital out-of-home in the Nordics in 2010. Following the sale of its advertising network to Ocean Outdoor in December 2019, the company returns to the front line of digital advertising. The company is now creating an advertising network in retail environments to increase sales and introduce a new revenue stream for its customers.

– “Retail Media is the future of digital advertising, bridging the gap between digital and physical retail spaces. Our mission is to help clients strategically enhance their spaces, offering realistic insights into the potential of In-Store Retail Media Networks,” said Andreas Lind, Retail Media strategist at Visual Art Group.

– “Our Digital Signage Platform Signage Player is specially designed for Retail Media, with an API-first approach and the capability to manage large data volumes. It’s ready to transform retail spaces with features like dayparts and share of voice,” said Pontus Meijer, CEO of Visual Art Group.

Visual Art’s proven track record in In-Store Retail Media Networks is exemplified by its collaboration with Sweden’s largest grocery chain, ICA. Starting their partnership in 2014, Visual Art helped ICA pioneer its In-Store Retail Media Network with digital displays. This success has been replicated with clients like NK, 7-Eleven, and Kesko, who have established their own Retail Media Networks under Visual Art’s expertise.

Visual Art’s new strategy reaffirms its commitment to innovation in digital advertising and enhancing retail environments. The company continues to lead in creating engaging customer experiences in the digital signage landscape.

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