Generative AI as the Marketer’s Creative Sidekick

April 11, 2024

No one has escaped the hype surrounding AI during the last year. Looking past the semi-impressing enormous number of AI-created images and text that has flooded social media, there is an interesting and valuable discussion about how the technology can, will, and should be used, especially regarding the marketing industry.

The world is moving fast and to stay ahead in today’s rapidly evolving landscape, we all need to accept and embrace emerging technologies. Especially if the technology has the potential and promise to change and rewrite the rules completely. And that is exactly what Generative AI could (and possibly should) do.

What is generative AI and why is it important?

Generative AI refers to a branch of artificial intelligence that focuses on creating models capable of generating new and original content. Unlike traditional AI models that rely on predefined rules or patterns, generative AI leverages advanced algorithms and deep learning techniques to learn from existing data and produce new, creative outputs. These outputs can include anything from images and videos to music, text, or even entire marketing campaigns.

In short, generative AI is pretty much what all the fuzz has been around the last year. And looking at how fast it has progressed, both as a technology as well as interest and acceptance in the public eye, it’s something that is here to stay. In one form or another.

Is generative AI going to take over?

Yes. And again. Probably no. Generative AI has everything needed to take over. At least if you look at it from a theoretical point of view. It’s super-fast. It’s (will soon be) super-accurate. It’s super-creative.

Wait, what? Is it really that creative?

In terms of it being able to never repeat itself – absolutely. In terms of coming up with something new, rather than something “never done” is a completely other issue. This is a whole other discussion on the topic of what defines creativity, and we will save that for another time.

However – AI is without a question “creative enough”. Maybe not for coming up with solutions of general problems. But for solving people’s challenges, often at work, often due to lack of time. It can save lots of time and work hours for the marketing department.

By combining machine learning and creativity, generative AI empowers marketers to unlock new levels of personalization, automation, and creative ideation. And this is exactly why you, if you’re into marketing, need to embrace and learn the technology now, to plan accordingly. Many are already far ahead in the game.

Are you in the front or back row of AI?

According to HubSpot 90% of marketers who use AI say it’s effective for content creation. And 67% of marketers who use AI use it to create content faster – like writing quicker copy, conducting faster research, or generating ideas – and 50% also believe it makes their content better.

The numbers are clear. Many already use AI in their daily work or at least are researching and planning how it can be best implemented. And if you’re not, you’re falling behind.

Take Sephora, for instance, a giant in the beauty industry that has successfully leveraged AI to change the way customers shop for cosmetics. Their “Virtual Artist” app uses augmented reality and facial recognition to allow users to try on makeup virtually, making the shopping experience both interactive and personalized. Beyond this, Sephora’s AI algorithms analyze shopping behaviors to predict trends, manage inventory more efficiently, and tailor product recommendations, creating a seamless and customized journey for every customer.

We will go through the promises of AI in a short series of articles on our Knowledge Hub for three simple reasons:

  1. Digital Signage and AI is a perfect match!
  2. This is part of our learning curve.
  3. The more people and companies that start using AI tools, the faster the development and refinement of the technology will be.

As we investigate AI’s potential, it’s clear that its creative power is reshaping marketing as we know it. The real question is how we harness this potential in our strategies, a topic we’ll explore in our next article. Get ready to dive into the practical applications of AI that can elevate your marketing from theory to action.

The future of marketing isn’t on the horizon—it’s already here.

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Stay tuned for the next article “How Generative AI is Redefining Resourcefulness” April 18.