Say More With Less, Are You Creative Enough?

May 2, 2024

Tiktokization is a wonderful word. In case you haven't heard it yet, it has become the perfect term to describe the biggest and perhaps most important trend in content production today - keep it short. Of course, this applies to all platforms, not just social media, but TikTok has taken it to the extreme.

The average consumer simply has less and less patience for long content. Especially if it’s commercial. Length has become a critical factor in capturing and keeping users’ attention.

But here we face a paradox. When many people with similar products, market themselves in similar ways and with similar messages, it quickly becomes oversaturated and generic. People instinctively start ignoring what they recognize too well. Therefore, it is not only necessary to keep the content short; it also needs to have a hook, something unexpected that catches the eye and arouses curiosity.

Unfortunately, many people seem to make the connection that shorter formats also mean less work. But it’s the other way around. If you think about it, it’s obvious. Shortening is much more difficult than lengthening. Telling a story in a short time is much more demanding than spreading out the words. Filming well in a short time requires much more of both the creative idea and the production.

It all comes down to what is perhaps the most worn-out term for communicators in the 21st century – storytelling. But the fact is that it has never been more important than now. When you only have a few seconds to create interest, not to be swiped away, it takes not only technical expertise but also an ability to tell a story, evoke emotions and create a deeper connection with the viewer.

Many even falls for the lure of having a negative hook. There is no doubt that negative gets more clicks, but are these the emotional values we want to build into and associate our brand with?

There is no room to waste time. Every second is precious and must be used to the maximum to capture and keep the audience’s interest. This is where your chance to surprise and engage comes in. Whether it’s advertising or information.

This is a huge opportunity for all of us who care about good communication for real. Now we have even more reason to strive for greater creativity and skill in our craft. It also requires an even deeper understanding of the target audience.

So don’t fall into the trap of thinking that shorter is easier and therefore cheaper to produce. On the contrary, think that now is your chance to pull away from the competition by making really, really good content that stands out.

And don’t forget the story. Because no matter the length, content must have substance and meaning. It must resonate with the viewer. Otherwise, it will quickly become mere surface, and that’s what almost everyone sees in today’s media landscape.

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