How Lyko Creates Seamless Experiences Across Digital and Physical Spaces

May 29, 2024

In today’s retail landscape, the line between digital and physical shopping experiences is increasingly blurred. Lyko, Sweden’s beloved beauty retailer, is at the forefront of this evolution, using digital signage as one tool to create a unified and engaging platform that captivates customers.

Step into any Lyko store and you’ll witness a seamless transition from online excellence to in-store enchantment. Digital displays show trending beauty products and sync your mobile device with their app to offer personalized recommendations based on your online browsing history. This integration ensures that the journey which might have started on a smartphone continues effortlessly as you walk through Lyko’s doors.

To dive deeper into Lyko’s innovative approach, we asked Malin Lazar, Head of Concept and Visual Development, at Lyko, a couple of key questions about staying ahead in the ever-evolving world of retail.

With the rapid pace of technological and retail trends, how does Lyko stay ahead of the competition in incorporating innovations into the customer experience?

– We constantly work to monitor new trends and the world around us. We come from a technological world that later became physical. It’s in our DNA to work in the digital world. I think that’s a big advantage.

How do you ensure that the digital content on your digital displays complements the physical shopping experience rather than overwhelming it?

– We work with what is relevant here and now. What’s trending on social media and incorporate the content and physical product into a nice mix. We are very careful about what and where we communicate our various messages.

Can you share an example of how digital signage has impacted customer experience, behaviour, or sales?

– An example is our so-called social media walls, where each country works with what is trending in their country, the customer finds the physical products right next to the screen so they can squeeze, feel and smell. We also collaborate with various influencers who show their specific skin care routine and there you can find the physical products to experience them in real life. This makes it easy for customers to immediately be inspired and find their favorite product.

Lyko leverages digital displays to streamline and elevate the shopping experience by making it more interactive and informative.

The impact?

Customers spend more time in-store, the transition between online and offline shopping becomes fluid, and overall satisfaction increases. By integrating sophisticated digital signage solutions, Lyko reinforces its brand presence and builds stronger, more connected relationships with its customers.

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