husqvarna queuing system

Visual Art launches customer queuing system

May 31, 2022

Visual Art has, through their in-house developed digital signage software Signage Player, quickly taken the step into a SaaS provider within Digital Signage. The next step in the software journey has now started by adding functionality to it. First out is the customer queuing system VAQ, where Husqvarna is the first customer to implement to solution.

Customer queuing systems are a natural extension of the digital screens that more and more stores have today. It has long been a truth for Visual Art, which is used to implement other companies’ solutions as part of its other offering. Now, however, they have taken the step all the way and offered their solution – VAQ.

The customer queuing system is a hygiene product today, but we must not forget that it is a more or less Nordic phenomenon. We like order and structure, especially in stores when people gather, and a well-functioning queuing system is a matter of course for most people. Therefore, it feels great to now be able to offer a fully integrated system with our other solutions, says Pontus Meijer, Chief Revenue Officer at Visual Art.

The first among customers to integrate VAQ from Visual Art is Husqvarna. They already have solutions with digital communication channels with Visual Arts software Signage Player. The queuing system is initially implemented in a little over 10 stores just in time for the spring rush that their stores often experience.

– There are several advantages to being able to fully integrate the system. This applies to everything from a smart and stylish presentation to the customer, who wants a queue app, physically or digitally, but also the underlying information such as waiting times and similar. We can solve all these parts easily within the system, says Pontus Meijer further.

At Husqvarna, a simple, digital solution is made where the customer receives a QR code on a screen which is then scanned with a digital queue app directly in the mobile phone. A solution that has been requested by several customers in the past.

– The fact is that simple digital solutions seem to be sought after. Avoiding physical notes in paper where you as a trader have to load paper in the middle of the rush may feel a bit outdated, but it is possible to put that functionality in the long run if someone wants it, Pontus Meijer concludes.

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